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Premier League fixtures: All 2019/20 remaining games

Leicester's 4-0 win over Aston Villa on March 9 last Premier League game before coronavirus halted football; 92 top-flight fixtures remaining

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The Premier League will resume on June 17 – with Man City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield United the first two games to take place.

​​​​​​Clubs are back in contact training as they step up plans for the big 2019/20 resumption and the Premier League has now been given the green light to return on Wednesday, June 17 – starting with the fixtures between the four sides with a game in hand.

A full new fixture schedule is still to be confirmed but here is every top-flight game that is left to play – listed by their original date where TV selections had been made – as well as remaining fixtures by club, including those that had been moved for the FA Cup.

Premier League return – the new schedule

Wednesday, June 17

Man City vs Arsenal (KO TBC)

Aston Villa vs Sheff Utd (KO TBC)

All the Premier League games still to play

Saturday, March 14

Watford vs Leicester

Bournemouth vs Palace

Brighton vs Arsenal

Man City vs Burnley

Newcastle vs Sheffield United

Norwich vs Southampton

Aston Villa vs Chelsea

Sunday, March 15

West Ham vs Wolves

Tottenham vs Man Utd

Monday, March 16

Everton vs Liverpool

Friday, March 20

Tottenham vs West Ham

Saturday, March 21

Burnley vs Watford

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

Sunday, March 22

Wolves vs Bournemouth

Saturday, April 4

Aston Villa vs Wolves

Arsenal vs Norwich

Bournemouth vs Newcastle

Brighton vs Manchester United

Crystal Palace vs Burnley

Watford vs Southampton

Sheffield United vs Tottenham

Sunday, April 5

West Ham vs Chelsea

Man City vs Liverpool

Monday, April 6

Everton vs Leicester

Friday, April 10

Newcastle vs West Ham

Saturday, April 11

Manchester United vs Bournemouth

Burnley vs Sheffield United

Leicester vs Crystal Palace

Norwich vs Brighton

Southampton vs Man City

Tottenham vs Everton

Sunday, April 12

Chelsea vs Watford

Liverpool vs Aston Villa

Monday, April 13

Wolves vs Arsenal

Saturday, April 18

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea

Bournemouth vs Tottenham

Everton vs Southampton

Watford vs Norwich

West Ham vs Burnley

Arsenal vs Leicester

Man City vs Newcastle

Sunday, April 19

Sheffield United vs Wolves

Aston Villa vs Manchester United

Monday, April 20

Brighton vs Liverpool

Saturday, April 25

Liverpool vs Burnley

Bournemouth vs Leicester

Manchester United vs Southampton

Norwich vs West Ham

Watford vs Newcastle

Wolves vs Everton

Brighton vs Man City

Sunday, April 26

Sheffield United vs Chelsea

Tottenham vs Arsenal

Monday, April 27

Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace

Saturday, May 2

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Burnley vs Wolves

Chelsea vs Norwich

Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

Everton vs Aston Villa

Leicester City vs Sheffield United

Man City vs Bournemouth

Newcastle vs Tottenham

Southampton vs Brighton

West Ham vs Watford

Saturday, May 9

Aston Villa vs Arsenal

Bournemouth vs Southampton

Brighton vs Newcastle

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Manchester United vs West Ham

Norwich vs Burnley

Sheffield United vs Everton

Tottenham vs Leicester City

Watford vs Man City

Wolves vs Crystal Palace

Saturday, May 17

Arsenal vs Watford

Burnley vs Brighton

Chelsea vs Wolves

Crystal Palace vs Tottenham

Everton vs Bournemouth

Leicester City vs Manchester United

Man City vs Norwich City

Newcastle United vs Liverpool

Southampton vs Sheffield United

West Ham vs Aston Villa

Additional games to be rescheduled

Chelsea vs Man City

Leicester vs Brighton

Man Utd vs Sheffield United

Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Norwich vs Everton

Southampton vs Arsenal

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