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Business 101: A key principle for success

If you are in business, job hunting... knock on many doors. Sow your seeds on different grounds.

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By Ademola H. Adigun

In my home in Festac (Lagos), you can stand on your balcony and look at the backyard of the house behind yours directly. Privacy is minimal on that score.

At a point, we had a 419 group living in the house behind us. Whenever I stood on the balcony, I would see the occupants writing letters. This was mid 90s. No fax or internet.

They would write thousands of letters to potential victims.
In a month or two, one would hit. They would have parties and gbadun (enjoy) life. Then… get broke again.

What I learnt from that nefarious activity, was the value in knocking on many doors. Of course for legitimate business.

If you are in business, job hunting… knock on many doors. Sow your seeds on different grounds. The one that germinates might be all you ever need.

Don’t wait for someone to come and give it to you, go out there and knock on doors. Research your target industry and knock. A door will open eventually.

A door opening is just one part of it… keeping it open now depends on the value you bring.
It’s a principle that has worked for many.

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