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Why Nigerian government should adopt Innoson Motors

Innoson Motors should be adopted by the Nigerian government as a chaebol.

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By Tope Fasua

Innoson Motors should be adopted by the Nigerian government as a chaebol (those few mafia companies that South Korean government decided to power to the world – Daewoo, Samsung, Hyundai, etc).

The Nigerian government should put down money to poach the best designers of cars and engineers from Toyota/Honda/Mercedes. The company’s capacity should be increased ten-fold. Their assembly line must be super-modernised. That is how to do it.

A single man cannot power such dream and raise all the money needed. Let the place retain his name forever. But begin to buy him out and put in the best management. In no time, their cars will be super-standard and ready to take over Africa. It’s a mad strategy but the best way to go.

AfCFTA is around the corner. African countries have learnt with COVID-19 that we are on our own and are better off keeping money within the family.

Of course, the first place to start is that we should never use taxpayers’ money to buy any foreign cars, no more. We should also get companies in other sectors we can replicate same thing with.

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