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Lebanon names Mustapha Adib as new prime minister

Lebanon named on Monday its ambassador to Germany, Mustapha Adib as new premier, al-Jadeed local TV channel reported.

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Lebanon named on Monday its ambassador to Germany, Mustapha Adib as new premier, al-Jadeed local TV channel reported.

Adib succeeded in securing 90 out of 128 parliamentary votes, which will allow him to form a government.

Adib said that this is the time for work and for all parties to cooperate for the country to heal and restore hope in Lebanon.

“Lebanese people are worried about the present and the future.
“We will hopefully be able to form a government with professional people to implement fast reforms to put the country on the right track for restoring prosperity,” Adib said following his meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun.

“I accepted this position on condition that all parties will facilitate government formation as soon as possible to continue our negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF),” he added.

The appointment of Adib comes 21 days following the resignation of former Prime Minister Hassan Diab after two huge explosions that rocked Beirut on Aug. 4, killing at least 190 people and injuring around 6,500 others.

Diab’s cabinet came under heavy criticism following investigations which revealed that the prime minister was aware of the storage of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which have caused the huge blasts.

Investigations into the explosions are still ongoing and 25 people have been arrested since the disaster.

The appointment also comes one day before the arrival of French President Emmanuel Macron in his second visit to the country in less than a month.

He had warned Lebanese officials during his first visit of deep unrest if they fail to reach a new political understanding and implement significant change in the country.

Lebanon has been witnessing its worst economic and financial crisis in its history, pushing over half of the population into poverty while weakening the local currency.

Adib’s government is expected to implement necessary structural reforms in electricity and other areas in addition to reaching a consensus with the IMF for a programme of approximately 10 billion dollars.

Adib, 48, has a Ph.D in law and political science. The new premier has conducted academic research and expert work in the areas of both human and state security.

He also taught at universities in Lebanon and France.

He previously served as an adviser to former premier Najib Mikati in 2011.

Adib is married to a French women named Flavia D’Amato and has five children.

He is said to enjoy the support of several Western states, including France. (Xinhua/NAN)

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