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If you love someone, tell them!

Before I go to bed tonight, let me tell you something for free. If you love someone, let them know how you feel about them o. I say tell them.

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Before I go to bed tonight, let me tell you something for free.
If you love someone, let them know how you feel about them o. I say tell them.
Did I hear you say ” what about if they don’t feel the same way?”. Well your own heart will be lighter.
Let me tell you how I was foolish and lost a great person.
So this person started it off on my wall, some humans on my page started asking him to go and shoot shot that year, I was also single so 😁😁😁😁😁.
Anyways, after by the talk talk, I found out Uncle was younger by a year or two, and you know me and my love for Zaddies, I haff change sha, because e come start to be like say once these men reach 40 sef, their head use to tosh. Minus all my egbons and Uncles on FB because I can see them saying, “We will meet you at home”.
Anyways, I sincerely was coming out if a relationship where I was hurt bad so, I didn’t want anything serious, I told him and he was like, let me be there with you, I know it will become something serious, so I said, why not na.
Me too I want to relass and be taken kiaroff na, and he did.
Oh my God, Dude surpassed himself. A proper gentleman. The whole open the car door, send gifts to me at work and all those serenren 😁😁😁😁. He made sure that I knew someone had my back and of course I reciprocated as a girl that likes to spoil her man.
He was still going on about getting serious, me nko? I always shut the convo. Plenty days of Rahmat I have fallen in love with you, please try it out.
But did I hear? Mba! My village people had my picture in stainless bowl with water and calling my name and I was answering per sec.
The sad thing is, I had fallen in love too, but the age thing was an issue, then I see my future “ore oko” and I am wondering, what in the conversation will I have with these ones bayi.
Some months after, he broke up the “thing” we had and said he met someone. I wished him well at first but 2 weeks after, I summoned courage and went to tell him I was in love with him and I don’t know if he really was serious about the new person. He said he was.
Believe me, I cried, ah mo ma ke o, I no fit chop as I like food pass. One wicked egbon was saying, sebi you use to be the one to japa, God haff catch you.
Anyways, years after, I found out that if I had mentioned my feelings then, he was ready to take things slow with me, but instead, I made it look like what we had , had no future and Dude wanted future.
Anyways, he is married now.
Did I tell you that the Ore Oko are no longer in existence from what I heard last.
Abeg let them how you feel, so you don’t end up like Rahmat.

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