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On sacked Winners’ pastors!

An employer has a right to sack an employee for low productivity.

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They were sacked for not being fruitful.

An employer has a right to sack an employee for low productivity. That is not in doubt. Most employers state the terms and conditions for keeping your employment.

The question is how do you define fruitfulness in a church? My Pastor (yes I have one. I just do not go to church) struggles to grow her membership beyond 7k members. She has even started branches to improve numbers. Actually, she said to reduce travel time.
You see numbers are good. More numbers, more testimonies, more tithes, more first fruits and more offering.

Now, Christ did not die for numbers in a church. He died for souls to get to heaven. Numbers are not heavenly bound souls. So I define fruitfulness from an increase in souls perspective. A soul won does not have to be a number in your church.

Having said that, if in your KPI, increasing number and generating revenue is stated, you can’t turn around and complain if you are fired for not meeting them.

Most churches are a form of pyramid structure without the revenue…bring one, that will bring another one and so forth.

The reality is that numbers are generally low, where truth is preached. Or so I think.
The church is not a building.

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